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In my last blog I highlighted the importance of not just asking a venue who they recommend as preferred suppliers but also why. Because the things that are important to them are often irrelevant to your requirements.
So I thought I ought to lead by example and ask a few venues and suppliers one reason why they recommend me.
Their answers are listed below and I’m sure they wouldn’t hesitate to give you more if you follow the links and get in touch.

We’ll start with Melanie from Belissimo Weddings :
“It’s the feedback we get from our clients about the service you give in the lead up to their wedding or event and on the day.
Having the ability to make a client feel at ease, completely trust the person they are putting their business with and then deliver on the day is paramount to us”

Gina Sanchez is weddings and events manager at Burley Manor Barn :
“We only get first-class feedback with regards to any events you have been a part of. This gives us complete trust and guests always look like they’re having a brilliant time”


Kirsty Bull organises weddings and events at Minstead Lodge :
“Great communication in the lead up to an event with the client and us and the way you always adapt the music to suit their needs means I have 100% confidence in you”

Sam Davies is general manager of Three Choirs Wickham Vineyard :
“You know how to read the crowd on the night and get the dancefloor moving by easily moving through the different music genres to keep the dance floor interested. It’s always a good evening”

And finally Sally Elcoate from award winning caterers Ginger Catering :
“we have the same passion and drive for making people happy in our profession. You’re always my go to, most importantly because I know that you will take great care of my clients and I wouldn’t recommend anyone I didn’t have 100% faith in”.


There you go.
A handful of reasons why venues and suppliers who recommend me and my team chose to do so and hopefully their words back up the genuine reviews from dozens of previous clients on my facebook page.
I was really pleased to see trust, passion and communication all appeared because delivering on all of them are very important to me.
Now you have read what I do for them please get in touch and I can answer any questuons about what my team and I can do for you.

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