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One of the advantages of working at lots of different places means I meet lots of different suppliers so if you’re after a recommendation I always have a few ideas.
I’m just back from confirming a booking for a party next March where I’ll be working alongside professional charlatan Sean Boon once again.

I last saw Sean at Natalie and Andy’s wedding at Victoria House Hamble during the summer and I’ll see him next month at the black tie charity ball we’re supporting at the Langstone Harbour Hotel in November.
As Brett and Chloe said tonight “the sign of a good magician is one who enthrals you so much that you spend the rest of the evening trying to work out how they did it”, which is exactly what he did when they met him at a recent wedding fair.
They can’t wait to see him do the same with their guests at Rooksbury Park next March.

I’m also looking forward to seeing what tricks he (literally) has up his sleeve.

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