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Wedding fair season is in full flow and I’ve spent the last few weekends talking to brides and grooms at venues where I am preferred DJ supplier like Burley Manor and The Southampton Harbour Hotel.
These are the only events I do it’s a really useful opportunity to meet couples and find out what they want.


The most important thing, certainly in the case of the entertainment, is reassurance.
By the time you’re thinking about your own wedding you will probably have been guest at a few receptions yourself and have a very strong idea of what you do or more importantly don’t want.
The party at the end is often the thing that many wedding guests remember most and you really want to make sure it’s for the right reason.
Who do you trust to provide you with the reassurance? The venue is a good place to start.
But don’t just ask them who they recommend.

Ask them why they recommend them.

Preferably face to face so you can measure their response.
If they have to think about it for too long or struggle it may give you more of an answer than any words of referral.


Venues have many reasons why they have preferred suppliers. It might be they’ve used them historically and they reliably provide DJs for every function. They may trust them to not play the music too loud. It might be the venue includes then as part of a package.
These are great reasons why the venue may prefer them but not necessarily ones that will help you in your quest to find someone who will give you a wedding party everyone will remember for the right reasons.
If you’re at a wedding fair not directly organised by the venue itself remember that just because there is a DJ it doesn’t mean the venue directly recommends them. Usually they have paid to be there by an organisation who has in turn been paid by the venue to increase footfall through their doors by organising it for them.
I’m not trying to suggest that DJs on the wedding fair circuit are substandard and incapable of providing you with a good night. If that was true they wouldn’t be getting any work at all.
But I am reminding you any person who is trying to sell you their services whether they intend to be or not are obviously going to be biased.

So always ask the opinion of someone who recommends their DJs directly.
Always ask them why.

My next event will be at Three Choirs Wickham on Sunday March 25th.
Come and see the converted winery wedding venue, meet suppliers and chat to Sam, Helen and team about why you should consider a vineyard wedding. And of course why they trust my team and I to give their couples a memorable end to their perfect day.

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