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Who Are You Again?

I’m a broadcast professional who will hopefully change your expectations of a wedding DJ.

Coming from a broadcast background means I suffer none of the clichés associated with mobile DJs.
I also work closely with other people who have all worked in radio at some point and if I am already booked I will happily recommend one of them to you.

Martin is also a presenter and Andrew has helped set up the music channels you see on TV for Heart and Capital.

We’re all experienced enough to know that the music is THE most important thing at a party.

Why Should We Book You?

If you want games or to sit on the floor and pretend to row then I’m probably not the right person for you. That’s not to say that I won’t play The YMCA if that’s what you really want, but I appreciate those songs are not always right for every audience and after a consultation about your musical preferences I’ll put together a playlist that will be perfect for you and your guests.

Please take a moment to read some of the testimonials from people we’ve worked for before.

Do You Provide The Equipment?

All the sound and lighting equipment is included in the price and we all use the same stands so you always know the look you’re going to get. I provide PAT and Public Liability certificates upon request.

I have a plan B, C and D should there be any technical problems on the night so the show will always go on.
My lighting is designed to complement the room not dazzle your guests and venues like me because of my quick set up and strip down time.

In many cases I’ve set up before a hotel has finished moving the tables and set up the dance floor.

Do You Take Requests?

I’m always happy to play whatever music you want at your party.

Some clients are very specific about what they do or don’t want and others trust me to play what I know will work for the crowd in the room. I always meet couples and take a brief of their musical expectations and use that as a framework to build a great party playlist specific to your night.

Each night is unique and we treat it that way.

It’s worth noting that some nights can take a while to get going as often there are fresh guests arriving who will want to talk to those who have been around all day and sometimes nothing you can play will change that.

Once the party gets started I usually keep it going right to the end.

Do You Make Announcements?

I’m obviously comfortable using a microphone.

However aside from announcing the first dance, last orders and taxi’s I usually won’t use it otherwise it interrupts the flow of the music.

Why Not Use A Wedding Venue’s Recommended Supplier?

Many venues have recommended suppliers. In some cases they come as part of a hotel’s package, for which the hotel will take a commission and I know of one that uses their janitor as your DJ.

There are many reputable suppliers who are not part of a package or unblocking drains during the week.

We deal direct with you and you can be confident that you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

What Do You Charge?

That depends entirely on what you want. A standard evening of music will be cheaper than a full afternoon with music during a wedding breakfast and a radio microphone for speeches.

I’m not the most expensive supplier around but I’m told I do represent excellent value for money.

None of that actually answers your question does it? So drop me an email with more details and I will gladly provide you with a quote specific to your day 

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