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It’s been another fun and varied week for me, certainly a lot busier than I expected the first few weeks of 2017 to be.  Alongside my daily radio show for Wave 105 I’ve been involved with lots of meetings and enquiries for later this year.

On Monday I had an enquiry from a couple asking if I was free to DJ their wedding on what’s proving to be the busiest date of the summer. Unfortunately I’m already booked, as are the other 4 DJs I work with and most of the ones who I know have a good reputation locally. After much thought we found a solution and a former club DJ I trust will be looking after the wedding on August 19th.
The clients are in their early 30s his knowledge of what music would have scored nights out a decade ago will be invaluable, and once again it shows the importance of making sure your DJ isn’t the last thing you book if you are planning to marry at a popular time.
The hospitality industry knows the importance of booking ahead and on Tuesday afternoon I met with a local venue to discuss dates for Christmas. This will be the second venue that my team and I will be “house DJs” at in December but the very act of discussing Christmas when it is 11 months away still feels bizarre.
On Wednesday morning I visited Highbury College to give a lecture to some of their students about radio. We talked about lots of subjects including music programming and the importance of picking the right songs for the ages of the audience your brand is focusing on. This is a skill we use when building a playlist for parties, especially younger couples who have expectations beyond the same tired party tunes from before they were born.

Yesterday I visited a cancer charity in Titchfield to discuss their plans for a black tie charity event at Limewood in The New Forest. It’s a well-known venue for celebrity weddings and although I have been a guest at the hotel I am yet to host an event there so I am quite looking forward to helping the team at The Haven raise more funds.
This weekend I’ll be providing DJ services at my first wedding of the year. I haven’t done one since late summer so I will be setting everything up tonight and giving it a test before building a set list of songs that suit their preferences. It’s always good to have a plan for the music although as you have no idea who will be on the dance floor and at what point you do need to be flexible in your execution as well as familiar with your choices.

If you need a DJ for wedding, milestone birthday or a corporate event we have the skills and experience to help. The sooner you get in touch the more likely we’ll have the resources to help so say hello at hiresimon.co.uk and we’ll see how we can help.

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